Rajuk sale permission: Detail process and Fees

Rajuk sale permission: Detail process and Fees

The Rajdhani Unnoyan Kartipokkho (RajUK) is one of the largest government leasing authority of Bangladesh comprises of various estate project i.e. Gulshan Model Town, Banani Model Town, Baridhara Residential Area, Uttora Residential Model Town, Purbachal New Town , Rajuk Uttora Apartment Project (RUAP) and there are several infrastructural developments projects which are under construction by RajUK. The legal and management procedure of Estate projects like Rajuk plot, apartment, commercial spaces are very complex and systematic. The person willing to achieve or discharge his title of any property under Rajuk;s authority need to apply for a prior sale permission or transfer permission. We will discuss the whole processing of  “Rajuk Sale permission: Detail process and Fees “through the whole writing.

Rajuk sale permission online
Rajuk sale permission online

What is Rajuk Sale Permission ?

Sale permission simply means a written consent form the lessor to the leasee of an leasehold property to transfer his right of enjoyment to other intending person. As the former DIT (Dhaka Improvement Trust), now RajUK is a statutory leasing authority. It is mandatory to obtain its consent when the lessor is willing to transfer, mutate or mortgage his property to anybody else.

This requires a formal legal process before issuance of a sale permission from Rajuk. The estate division is entrusted with the duty to accept, review and allowing the application and other processing subject to payment of a prescribed fees for such transfer or mutation.   

Process of obtaining transfer permission from Rajuk

The process is start with an application signed by the both parties (transferor and transferee) and its made as per prescribed form of transfer permission. The application shall include the particulars of the property, Modes of transfer and also the NID/ Passport reference card recent photos of both the transferor and transferee.

Required Documents for processing

The application shall include the following documents as attachment and must be shown all original copies to the concerned officer at the time of receiving Hajira. The list of the Required Document is as follows:

1. Photo (2 Copies) of both parties

2. Identity Documents (NID/Passport/B.C)

3. TIN and up-to-date TAX return

4. Mutation letter of RajUk

5. Title Deed/ Power of Attorney Deed with acceptance letter

6. Succession Certificate issued by the court (if applicable)

7. AC Land mutation (Up-to-date khajna, DCR and Mutation Khatiyan)

8. Occupancy certificate issued by Rajuk

  (This list may vary subject to the modes of transfer)

The application is addressed in the name of Assistant Director, Estate, Rajuk. At present there are 3 (three) estate division of Rajuk to deal with regional estates. Estate -1 is for Gulshan-Banani-Baridhara projects, Estate-2 is for Uttora project and Estate-3 is dealing with the Purbachal New Town project.

Step by Step processing of a Rajuk Sale Permission

Step-1 : Application

Either of the parties to a Rajuk Transfer Permission can lodge the application by themselves, by their authorized representative or by their lawyers. The application must be drafted in prescribed format and shall be signed by the both parties mentioned all the particulars of property subject to transfer and also the parties engaged.

Rajuk Sale Permission Work Flow
Rajuk Sale Permission Work Flow

Step-2 : Hajira

On receipt of the application, the concerned officer shall call for record and will issue a notice to the both parties to physically appear before the Rajuk office at a certain date along with all the original property documents, IDs, photo and TAX related papers. The process is commonly known as ‘Rajuk Hajira’. Only the parties of the application is eligible to make hajira. The representative of the parties cannot sign hajira paper of one’s behalf. In case of legal disabilities, a person may sign his hajira paper by commissioning the officer at his comfortable place and time but, this requires additional charges.

Step-3 : Inspection of property

After completion of Hajira formalities, the file will be forwarded to an “Inspector of Rajuk” to physically visit the property and to report the legality of allowing the transfer permission. Many of the application rejected in this stage due to unauthorized modes of use, Illegal modification, unauthorized reconstruction, deviation with the approved building plan and for other reasons.

Step-4 : Note Approval

Once the Inspector submits a positive report to the Assistant Director- Estate, he shall forward the file to the Director-Estate for approval and the Director-Estate subject to his positive remark shall forward the file to the Member-Estate. If the file is passed by the all above mentioned officer the post trial procedure will be started.

Step-5 : Notice to pay fees

At this stage the Assistant Director- Estate will issue a letter to the applicant to submit the transfer fees with documentation fees and 15% VAT. The applicant usually allowed for only 1 (one) month to submit the transfer fees through the nominated bank channel.  If the applicant fails to submit the fees within the time stipulated in the notice all the previous processing become void and cancelled.

Step-6 : Transfer Permission/ Sale Permission

Once the fees are submitted to the concerned bank and a copy of such receipt to be deposit to the estate officer. The estate officer will issue the transfer permission or sale permission after verifying the payments and a copy of such notice will also be sent to the concerned Sub-Register to register the requisite deed.

Required Documents for Rajuk trasfer Permission

Rajuk sale permission requires a set of documents from the seller and purchaser. This list is mostly common for both but the seller needs to provide some additional papers related to the property which is subject matter of transfer. Here is a complete list of documents;

For the purchaser:

1. NID/Passport/Birth Certificate

2. TIN with up-to-date TAX return

3. Recently captured passport size photograph.

For the seller:

A. Personal Documents

1. NID/Passport/Birth Certificate

2. TIN with up-to-date TAX return

3. Recently captured passport size photograph.

B. Land Documents

1. Allotment & Possession Letter

2. Lease Deed

3. Rajuk Mutation

4. Approved building plan (for flat/building)

5. Occupancy Certificate (for flat/building)

6. Via Deed with transfer permission (if any)

7. AC land mutation with DCR, Proposal and up-to-date Khajna.

(The land documents varies depending on the modes of acquisition and nature of use)

Prescribed fees for sale permission of Rajuk

1. Sale permission fees for plot

01Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara residential area (Estate-1) Plot with building structurePer katha 2000 TK2,00,000/- (per katha)
02Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara residential area (Estate-1) Vacant Plot (without building structure)Per katha 2000 TK2,20,000/- (per katha)
03Uttora R/A, Nikunja (North and South)Plot with building structurePer katha 2000 TK2,00,000/- (per katha)
04Uttora R/A, Nikunja (North and South)Vacant Plot (without building structure)Per katha 2000 TK2,20,000/- (per katha)
Note: This chart may be updated by Rajuk from time to time.

    2. Sale permission fees for flat and apartments

01Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttora R/A, Nikunja (North and South)Residential Apartment1 Tk per square feet100 TK Per SFT.
02Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttora R/A, Nikunja (North and South)Commercial Space1 Tk per square feet200 TK per SFT.
15% VAT is applicable against the total amount of Transfer fee and Documentation fee.

         Sample sale permission application form (PDF)

The most vital part of a sale permission processing is it’s legal documentation. A minor mistake or misrepresentation in the documentation may result in severe losses.  As the rajuk properties are highly valuable and the sale permission usually submitted after payment of an earnest money to the seller so, if any complexities arise during the sale permission work this will be definitely very harassing for the purchaser. This is why we advice all our clients to have an early legal vetting of the property documents and then to start the bayna and permission processing. 

On the other hand, most of the people to have a cheap service deploy local media or deed writers to process on their behalf and they are not adequately experienced with this skill and have no knowledge of governing laws and practices of Rajuk. As a result, both the seller and buyer face procedural difficulties, long service time and unpredictable costing.  An experienced real estate lawyer or property law firm can cut off your costing and speed up the processing surprisingly. We are a classified law firm having practical knowledge of procuring transfer permission, registration and mutation work. We are able to provide you one stop service at the agreed price and committed schedule.

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We are practicing real estate property lawyers and have adequate expertise to give you a smoother experience of procuring a sale permission. We provide one stop service from the property vetting to sale permission-registration and mutation and surely all you need will be provided to you with full satisfaction and for a very efficient costing within the committed time. Contact us for more details-

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is sale permission?

Sell permission is a written consent provided by the lessor to its leassee and contain prescribed conditions under which a transfer may occurs in valid way.

2. Who shall bear the cost of transfer?

In general practice, the buyer pays the transfer fees while the seller bear all legal and para legal cost for the processing of such permission.

3. How long it takes to procure sale permission?

Usually, a normal time required to process a sale permission is 5-6 months. The time may varies based on the location or dealing estate section of Rajuk. In urgent cases, the permission can be obtained within 10-15 days only but this will add extra cost and charges to the parties.

4. How to find a best property lawyer for sale permission?

Its not like that all the lawyers have the knowledge of property laws, registration and transfer related works. The lawyers who are specialized in this field are engaged with real estate practice or directly works for the real estate companies. So, to ensure the expertise of a property lawyer you must study his web profile and dive into his depth of knowledge.

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